Portability: a Fandom Town Hall


"Portability: a Fandom Town Hall" is intended to be a global event to describe and put a face on the Fandom Portability initiative. 3 presenters, drawn from Fandom staff and the Vanguard volunteer team, will broadcast topical presentations, each followed by questions moderated by Community's Bert Hall and Tim Quievryn.

The topic's broadcast is open to all Fandom users, who can submit questions during the presentations and for the final half hour, an Ask Me Anything style roundtable with portability staff and Vanguard.

When: November 19, 7:00PM9:00PM (UTC)

Where: ​Fandom


At 2pm (US Eastern, 7pm UTC) on Saturday, November 19th, Fandom cordially invites all users to attend a very special "town hall" gathering of our own. "Portability: a Fandom Town Hall" is an event meant to educate, inspire, and for us to listen and hear from you.

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